Supplies copywriting and creative services for corporate website, Internet, and e-marketing channel. Develops content and key messaging for newsletters, blogs, landing pages, product marketing, video and social media, case studies and trade articles that works with cross-functional teams in product marketing and sales. Reports to the General Manager


  • Write advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services.
  • Discuss with the client the product, advertising themes and methods, and any changes that should be made in advertising copy.
  • Consult with sales, media and marketing representatives to obtain information on product or service and discuss style and length of advertising copy.
  • Edit or rewrite existing copy as necessary, and submit copy for approval by supervisor.
  • Invent names for products and write the slogans that appear on packaging, brochures and other promotional material.
  • Follow media policies and process designed to ensure website integrity and positive user experience.


  • Must be a graduate of any related Bachelor Degree. Years of experience in journalism, publishing, publicity, business marketing, agency services or creative services is a plus. Exhibit a professional appearance and demeanor.
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